The MHA has pleasure in offering a free model hovercraft plan that is suitable for everyone, even beginners.  The hovercraft has been designed with novices in mind and allows you to build a robust and almost foolproof but fun model that will operate on water and land.  The Kiddy Craft plan was designed as part of a MHA competition to develop a model that was suitable for children to build and fly, but actually it has universal appeal and can be just as fun for adults.

The plan is provided as a Adobe Acrobat PDF attached to this page.  Please send us pictures of your finished models and we'll stick them in our gallery!


MHA members also get access to additional plans, including the Griffon 2000TDX and SRN-6 plans provided by Mark Porter (formerly available via his now closed website).  Other free plans are available from enthusiasts on the web. Here are a few to get you started:

Have fun!

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