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Other Hobbyists and Enthusiasts Websites

Tony Middleton - RC-Hovercraft - models

Pete Lambden - - models

Emanuel Binder - - full size (in German)

Chris Simpson - - full size

RC Hovercrafts Forum - - models

Hovercrafts section of - - models

Plans for a RC Hovercraft (the PIG) by Don Raymond & co -

James' Hovercraft Pages - - full size and models

Pierre Rouzeau's model Sevtec - - plans and construction details (in French and English)

Hovercraft Manufacturers (full size)

Griffon Hovercraft -

Aerotrain - (in French and English) and Aerotrain Video

4Wings -

Hover Pod -

Hovercraft Operators

Hovertravel -

Hovercraft Rescue


Hovercraft Search & Rescue UK -


Burnham Rescue Hovercraft -

Kit, Plan and Model Manufacturers

Palaform - - makers of the Gemini, e-Gemini, Aero and Griffin 600 kits

Ikarus - - makers of the Dragstair and Craftair models

Hovercraft Models - - makers of model Griffon 2000TDX, SR.N5 and HoverDART

Eric Golstein Hovercraft- - full size and models including GH-1, GH-2, and GH-C

Universal Hovercraft - - model plans

All Lander - - IC powered models

Replica Hovercrafts (formerly Quicktech) - - makers of model LCAC-1, SK5, SRN6, LCAV-30, SaR7, Commando Stealth, and SRN4

K&S (MacGregor) - - makers of the Scamper

RC Cam - RC-CAM - remote model camera

Air Bug from Fat flyers - indoor only kit -


Hovercraft Museum - Hovercraft Museum

Hoverclub GB -

Hovercraft Society - (also see Hovercraft Museum above)

Air de Glisse - (in French, but some English translation)

R Trillo - Marine Hovercraft Technology

The Hovercraft Crusing Club - The Hovercraft Cruising Club

Radio control equipment and accessories - Active Robots

Fareham Models and Raceway

Wings 'n' Wheels show in Essex -

Hovercraft Scotland -

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