The following is a selection of resources to get you started in the world of model hovercraft. Please also visit our links page as there are some helpful websites available.


Introduction to Radio Control Hovercraft by Kevin Jackson and Mark Porter

For the first time, this comprehensive tutorial brings together all the information required to design and build successful radio controlled Hovercraft model.



  • Hovercraft principles
  • Building for scale and sport
  • Construction materials and techniques
  • Lift fan design
  • Selecting motors
  • Electrical setup
  • Skirt design
  • Selecting radios
  • Craft operation

Written bytwo leading authorities in RC Hovercraft design, Kevin Jackson and Mark Porter take you through both the theoretical and practical aspects of the design and construction process. See more about this book here.



A Guide To Model hovercraft - HCGB

Published by Hovercraft Club Great Britain, 36 pages, Stapled, ISBN 0-906535-39-5


The book covers what type and model size, power sources, Fans, Skirts, Hull design. Three very simple free flight models are described with drawings included.



Discover The Hovercraft- Kevin Jackson

Published by Flexitech LLC, 54 pages, perfect bound, ISBN 0-9753414-0-5


The book takes you on a tour of the Hovercraft's secret world. Learn about the early days of cushion craft, modern day Hovercraft designs and try experiments to see the Hovercraft principle in action.

Model Hovercraft designer Kevin Jackson traces the history of this extraordinary craft through early ideas and designs to modern craft. It looks at the operation of the craft and introduces you to radio control model Hovercraft designs.



Marine HoverCraft Technology- R. L. Trillo

Published by Leonard Hill Books, 246 pages, Hard Back, ISBN 0-249-44036-9


The book presents the state of hovercraft technology at the end of the first decade of development.

This expensive book is probably the 'bible' of hovercraft development. Reading it is heavy going but gives a real insight into how a hovercraft works and the problems encountered. There are 172 figures and 19 tables.

Contents include Cushion systems, Cushion sealing, Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic forces, Stability and control, Propulsion devices, Noise and craft layout.

For more information contact  Marine Hovercraft Technology



Hovercraft (The Constructor's Guide) - Jeremy Kemp

Published by the Hovercraft Club of Great Britain,116 pages, Spiral bound,

ISBN 0-906535-55-7


The purpose of the book is to take a DIY'er through the stages of building an integrated hovercraft.

Enough information is provided for an experienced modeler to make an integrated craft.



Hover Craft - Angela Croome

Published by Hodder and Stoughton, 126 pages, Paperback, ISBN 0-340-33054-6 Pbk


The book covers what is a Hover craft and gives a history of rotary flight leading up to the SRN1 then moves on to modern hovering machines such as the Harrier.

Some colour photos of the SRN1 are included.

A good introduction to hovering craft including the hovercraft.





R/C Hovercraft Video

Traplet Publications have released a new video on model hovercraft presented by Tony Middleton and Fran Oakey

We think this is the first ever video on the design, building and operation of model hovercraft.

Runnimg time approx 60 mins

For Further information contact

Customer services,

Traplet Publications Ltd., Traplet House, Pendragon Close, Malvern, Worcestershire, England, WR8 9BR

Tel 01684 588500  Fax 01684 578558


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