The Model Hovercraft Association was formed in 2004, with a view to bringing some organisation to the development of model hovercraft, which previously had been well served by relatively isolated pockets of interest. The Association’s activities include lectures and films, videos and other visual material on all aspects of model hovercraft from research, through construction and operating. Visits to locations and firms/manufacturers of interest, and social events are also organised.

The Association is run by a Management Committee consisting of those with experience in appropriate fields. Prior to September 19th 2004, when the MHA was formed, a group of hovercraft modellers had been meeting on a regular basis at the Hovercraft Museum at Lee on Solent, Hampshire, to discuss model hovercraft and run their models. This group, called the Model Hovercraft Group, formed after the successful International Model Hovercraft Seminar held on the 18th/19th October 2003.

The group enjoyed several presentations and guest speakers covering several aspects of hovercraft, full size and model. They also constructed a water feature for use during racing days at the Museum as well as a round the pole demonstrator so that children could have a go. The group felt that as the interest was growing in model hovercraft around the country that a more formal organistion was required and hence the Model Hovercraft Association was created.

MHA Management

An elected Committee, which is currently made up as follows, manages the MHA: -

Chairman   vacant
Secretary & Membership Secretary Brian Wise (acting)
Treasurer   Brian Wise
Competition Secretary/Events Co-ordinator vacant
Safety Officer      Jim Ritchie
Technical Officer      Mark Porter

Co-opted Positions

Publicity Officer     Tim Stevenson
Newsletter Editor   Brian Wise
Webmaster    Jason Collins-Webb

If you are interested in becoming a committee member, then please contact any other committee member to find out more (you need to be a full adult member of the MHA to apply). Any of the above can be contacted via e-mail at by using the name required as the subject.


The MHA has a constitution that governs how it operates. This is available for download as a PDF document (below).


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Upcoming Events

Events coming up in the next month:

Sat, 13/06/2020 : EGM
Sun, 05/07/2020 : Technical Meeting - Online model 'show and tell' event

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